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About the Wentworth Club

The Wentworth Club is a private golf club and health resort located in Virginia Water, Surrey, less than one hour from central London. Its three golf courses that host some of the most prestigious golf tournaments are widely considered to be among the finest ones in the entire UK and attract both professional and amateur golfers from all over Britain as well as abroad. Neither the courses or the club, however, would exist today if there weren’t for two men – builder Walter George Tarrant and the renowned golf course architect Harry Colt.

A Brief History of the Club

In the early 1920s, Tarrant acquired the Wentworth house (today’s clubhouse) and the surrounding 200 acres of land. As soon as he got developing rights, he hired Harry Colt to design a golf course at the Wentworth house. In 1924, Colt completed the East Course and three years later, he designed the West Course.

Wentworth Championship History

Only two years after the opening of the East Course, the latter hosted the Ryder Cup. Wentworth was the host to the event for the second time in 1953. In the meanwhile, it was also the venue of the 1932 Curtis Cup. In 1956, the Club was the host of the Canada Cup (today’s World Cup of Golf) and from 1964 to 2007, it was the venue of the World March Play Championship. From 1961 to 1983, the Wentworth Club also organised the English Amateur Championship. Since 1984, the Wentworth Club’s courses are the venue of the (BMW) PGA Championship which was first held at Wentworth in 1972.

About the Wentworth Club Golf Courses and Tennis & Health Club

As mentioned earlier, the Wentworth Club owns three golf courses – East and West courses which were designed by Harry Colt in the 1920s and the Edinburgh Course which was designed by John Jacobs and opened in 1990. However, the Wentworth Club also has a 9-hole par-3 Executive Course, and Tennis & Health Club with 13 tennis courses of different surfaces, a gym, health spa, three swimming pools, studio classes ranging from Yoga to dance classes but it also offers accommodation to those who would like to spend a night within the Club’s facilities. Members of the Club of course have access to all facilities including Wentworth golf courses, while visitors can book a tee time from Monday to Friday.