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Royal Birkdale Golf Club

About the Royal Birkdale Golf Club

The Royal Birkdale Golf Club is known as one of the Open Championship rotation venues and as one of the best golf courses in both England and the entire UK. In addition to being set in a spectacular landscape that gives every hole an additional charm, the land surrounding the Royal Birkdale Golf Club is also home to some rare and endangered plant and animal species that can sometimes be seen from the course.

A Brief History of the Club

The Royal Birkdale Golf Club was founded in 1889 as the Birkdale Golf Club. It assumed its current name indicating its Royal status in 1951 when King George VI issued a Royal Command that granted the Golf Club the Royal status. Only five years after its foundation, the Club moved to a new location – Birkdale Hills. In 1922, Frederick G. Hawtree and J.H. Taylor were hired to design the golf course, while the seven-year plan also included building of a clubhouse which was finally completed in 1935.

The Club’s Championship History

The Club hosted its first big golf tournament in 1946 when it was the venue of the Amateur Championship. Two years later, it hosted the Curtis Cup and in 1951, it was the host of the Walker Cup. In 1954, it was entrusted the organisation of the Open Championship. Ever since, it has been on the Open Championship rotation. Over the following decades, the Royal Birkdale Golf Club was also the venue of two Ryder Cups (in 1965 and again in 1969). Most recently, it hosted the Senior Open Championship, while the Ladies Golf Union and IMG also confirmed it as the venue of the 2014 Ricoh Women’s British Open which will be its sixth time to host this tournament.

Role of the Hawtree Family in the Royal Birkdale Golf Club’s History

History of the Hawtree family and the Royal Birkdale Golf Club are closely connected as three generations of the family worked as the architects of the Club’s course. The first course was designed by Frederic G. Hawtree whose son Frederick W. Hawtree slightly modified it in the 1960s. The latter’s son and Frederic G. Hawtree grandson, Martin Hawtree further modified the course in the 1990s and completely rebuilt all greens.

Visitor Information

The Royal Birkdale Golf Club is located in the town of Southport in North West England. The Club’s course is open to visitors who unless they are guests of a member are required to make reservations in advance by telephone or email. Also, a handicap certificate is required from all visitors.